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EU Cookie Law Report - Legal Requirements By Country

With the EU Cookie Law about to coming into effect in nearly all EU member states, this report sets out to look at the legal requirements in each country. While the EU directive can be seen as a "guideline", implementation happens on a per-country-level, meaning that legal requirements largely differ between countries. This report by WebCertain distinguishes between four different states according to the strictness of the law and provides information on whether the law has already come into effect and what you need to do to comply. 

EU Cookie Law Europe EU Cookie Directive WebCertain 
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Search Engine Ranking Approaches: Baidu vs Google

Apart from providing general tips on what to consider when entering the Chinese digital sphere, this guide delivers a useful comparison of ranking factors between Baidu and Google. The Google comparison enables search marketers to quickly grasp where Baidu differs, as well as where the two are similar. 

International SEO Expert International SEO Course 
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Search Engine Ranking Approaches: Yandex vs Google

This quick guide provides a useful overview of how Yandex and Google stack up against each other on various organic ranking factors. In addition to comparing the two search engines, the guide includes a breakdown of search market shares in both Russia and the CIS-countries. 

International SEO Expert International SEO Course 
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Operationalizing Global Search - Bill Hunt

In this presentation, Bill covered some of the main operational challenges of managing a global search program across many languages and markets. He shared strategies and tactics for creating a global search Center of Excellence, streamlining search processes and aligning content management and strategy.

International Search Summit New York Global search SEO 
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Global Search Engine Headlines - Gemma Birch

Constant innovation is a necessity to stay relevant in the ever evolving search engine industry. This presentation provides a plethora of examples of some of the most recent initiatives and developments from leading global search engines Google, Baidu, and Yandex . Areas covered include local, social and mobile.

International Search Summit New York Global search Baidu Google Yandex Search Engines 
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Searching for Hispanics - Hamlet Batista

In the United States Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic group. Approximately 16.3% of America\'s population (50.5 million out of 310 million people) is Hispanic. Outside the US around 21 countries have Spanish as the official language. There is a significant opportunity. However, slightly different cultures, language nuances, and online behaviors can present real marketing challenges. This presentations covers some effective SEO tactics for helping existing English sites enter the highly coveted Hispanic market and succeed.   

International Search Summit New York Spanish Hispanic marketing Latin America 
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Adobe: SEO in Asia - Motoko Hunt

Motoko Hunt, Adobe\'s Asia-Pacific SEO lead, delivered this case study into how her team manages all elements of  SEO - from team alignment to best practice to tools.   

International Search Summit New York Global search SEO Asia Japan China Case Study 
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Digital in the Middle East - Lee Mancini

 The Middle East is a region of great promise and it is slowly starting to appear on the radars of foreign corporations. This presentation provides rather extensive demographic, linguistic and technology-specific (mainly search and social) data for the MENA region. Based on this data and local knowledge, it suggests best practices as well as issues to avoid. 

International Search Summit New York Middle East Africa Arabic digital marketing 
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Yandex & Russian Search - Preston Carey

This presentation gives an overview of the high-growth Russian internet market and its leading search engine Yandex. The presentation also delivers tips on how international businesses can use Yandex to reach the large and active Russian internet population effectively. 

International Search Summit New York Yandex Russia 
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Tips for Success in Asian Markets

This presentation focuses on China and South Korea, two major Asian markets where Google is not the dominant search engine. It provides some key statistics about the internet, tips for working with Baidu and Naver and a checklist of what international businesses need to consider when starting up in these countries.

International Search Summit New York Asia China Korea SEO Tips PPC Tips 
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